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22 March 2011

for soMeoNe

Every time I look at the sky after the rain
I think of the crybaby I used to be
I was blindly chasing after someone's back
I will keep walking forward
Will never stop
I Won't lose against the flow of time
I will keep getting back up
Because I don't want to lose something precious
Like a bird flying at the dusk
Looking to see tomorrow
The fear of stumbling
I fall feet first
Said words of giving up
However, I lied
Won't give up the only one GOAL
Forgetting happiness and sadness
I walk a little bit
The endless sky
Hold up your hands
Believe in the only future
When returning, however, it changes
I wouldn't want to lose something important
The voice flowing inside of me
Always supports me
Teasing rain will get in my way
Because I won't run away
I will never stop
I believe in that future with ?????? (only i know)

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